Chris Beardsley interviews Andrew Flatt on HRV training – HRV or heart rate variability is a measure of the beat to beat alterations in heartbeat.  By tracking this, strength coaches are able to assess the level of intensity, recovery & progression their athletes make.

Bret’s Booty-Blasting Protocol – Bret Contreras shows us a great hip thrusting workout for glute development that can be done in under 4 min.

6 tips for CrossFit Snatch Training – the folks at Juggernaut Training System give an excellent guide on steps to take to be able to do this explosive lift for high reps

Endurance Exercise & Antioxidant Supplementation – Gatorade Sports Science Institute examines antioxidants & exercise.

Effects of a high protein diet on resistance trained individuals – the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutritionists share some information about the effect a hypercaloric high protein diet has on body fat.

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