Here’s a list of some random articles I read throughout the week that I feel would be of great benefit to my readers to check out.

3 Training Methods Atheltes Screw Up -Nick Tumminello covers a lot of common training misconceptions over at t-nation in this one.  I have to say I agree with all the main points of his article especially the part about sports specifcity.  As someone who works with a lot of professional boxers, a thing I’m always conscientious about when doing any boxing specific s&c training is that it shoudln’t alter their in sport biomechanics.  My goal is always to enhance performance without altering the solidly built fundamentals their trainers have instilled.

The Importantce of the off-season – Great article by the folks at the juggernaut training systems about off-season training strategies for powerlifters.  This article is powerlifter specific but the concept applies to any serious atheltes regardless of their sport.  The groundwork for peak in-season performance is laid out by working in the off-season.

A Coach’s Guide to Strength Development – anyone intrested in better understanding strength development for sports should check out this series of articles over at McMillan Speed

3 Ways to Level Up Your Coaching – a blog from the Robertson training system about ways to better improve your coaching skills.  I especially agree with the part about coaches themselves remaining physicall active by training.  You don’t have to be at a world class competitive level but knowing the biomechanical and physiological demands that your atheltes require for their sport takes your coaching skills to another level.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJmYFlvKloE – this Joe Rogan podcast with Nick Curson that’s stirred up some controvery in the s&c world is recommeded as well.  I personally don’t agree with many of the concepts that he advocates but I’m always open to hearing the ideas of other trainers in the field.

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