Here’s some quick thoughts/observations that I’d like to share with you all:


Baseline Physical Activity: Last month I got a cool watch that tracks stuff like my steps per day, calories burned, etc.  While I’ve always been aware that physically active people burn more energy than sedentary, this new watch really put in perspective how significant the differences can be in a day.  I didn’t put much thought into why but I set a goal of 11k steps a day for myself.  Turns out I greatly overestimated the impact a workout has on my overall daily activity.  My workouts are intense but they barely put a dent in my 11k steps goal.  The things that did make a difference were parking further at stores and randomly getting up to walk a few steps throghout the day.

New Years, Fresh Start: I’ve always preferred making changes immediately over waiting for New Years to do a resolution.  But I enjoy the spirit of resolutions and the quest for self-improvement.  For any resolutions I’d say it’s important to know what your end goal is (make sure it’s clearly defined), how you’ll go about doing it, and what’s required for you to do it.

Sleep: Sleep is one of the most intresting subjects to research.  There’s a variety of factors that can impact your sleep quality like stress, dietary habits, allergies, exercise routine, etc.  Likewise sleep (or lack of) causes a multittude of effects on our body.

Craving Stoppers: I’ve found that for dieting or just generally eating healthy, the process becomes much easier if you can curb cravings.  It’s easy to get off the wagon and consume huge caloric surplusses when cravings hit especially if you’re hungry too.  To combat this, it’s good to know of quick healthy satitating snacks that stop these cravings to be proactive and avoid these calorie binges.

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