23 07, 2019

The Benefits of Quercetin for Endurance and Immune Support

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Key Points -Quercetin has been shown to boost endurance performance and support a healthy immune system in active individuals -However, the quercetin content in foods and its oral bioavailability has led to inconsistent research findings Quercetin is a potent antioxidant that has been linked to various health-promoting benefits.  We can’t synthesize it in the body [...]

23 07, 2019

Strength Building Tips to Hit P.Rs

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Strength is a valued asset that gym-goers seek to build for a variety of reasons.  Strength provides a foundation for building mass, enhancing athleticism, and it has a positive correlation with health.  Many successful bodybuilders built the base of their physiques from lifting to get stronger.  In sports targeted towards general fitness like CrossFit, strength [...]

31 12, 2018

Cannibinoids: A Brief History of Cannibinoid Research and Therapeutic Usage For Pain Management

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A Brief History of Cannabis Research Cannabidiol (CBD) was first isolated from cannabis in 1940 by Roger Adams and its chemical structure was elucidated in the 1960s.  Around this time, the structure of THC was also elucidated, another interesting compound also found in cannabis.  In the 1940s and 1950s, pharmacological experiments were conducted on cannabinoids [...]

15 12, 2018

How To Use Cluster Sets For Rapid Gains In Power And Strength

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One of the most frustrating periods for a lifter is hitting a plateau.  You could be training diligently but suddenly you hit an invisible wall where the weights don’t budge anymore.  It’s during this time where lifters start seeking new training method or tools to blast out of this rut.  Fortunately there’s a solution, here’s [...]

27 11, 2018

How To Monitor Your Recovery

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I had originally had this article published on Juggernaut Training Systems a few years ago but I wanted to bring this back since the information is still relevant You’re working out like never before to prep for you next power lift/strongman/CrossFit/whatever event. Your program calls for you to operate at 85% of your 1RM today [...]

17 11, 2018

Capsaicin: A Potential Performance Booster In Chili Peppers

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Capsaicin is the active component in chili peppers, it’s what gives them that hot burning sensation you feel when you eat one or accidentally get some in your eyes.  People that enjoy spicy foods praise the flavor-enhancing effects that the heat from capsaicin can give a meal and in some cases, people have even described [...]

11 02, 2018

Bacopa the Ayurvedic smart drug

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Bacopa monnieri is an Indian aquatic her that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  Bacopa has traditionally been used in Ayruveda for enhancing brain function and focus.  In recent years with the rising popularity of nootropics to enhance cognitive performance, bacopa has been included in many formulas.  Whereas with certain nootropic ingredients their [...]

17 11, 2017

Contrast Training – Do Explosive Warm Ups for Greater Strength Gains

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  Contrast Training is a concept where two biomechanically similar movements are paired to enhance the performance of the second exercise of the pairing. The theory behind this training system suggests that the contractile history of a muscle influences subsequent muscle contractions. As a result of high levels of muscle activation in the previous contraction, [...]

18 10, 2017

Use The RPE Scale to AutoRegulate Your Training for Optimal Performance

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Traditionally, the basis of strength training programs has been built around the One Rep Max (1RM). The 1RM provides a quantifiable number to prescribe %1RM loads to periodize a program in hopes of consistent gains. A flaw of this method is that our true 1RM number can fluctuate based on a host of variables over [...]