Here’s a collection of articles I read over the week that’ll be of intrest to you, covering things like nutiriton, recovery, and fitness.

According to this article by Vox – Less than 10% of Adults are consuming an adequate amount of vegetables.   Increasing vegetable intake is one of the most common recommendations that I’ve made for every single client that I’ve counseled whether they’re pro atheltes, stay at home moms, or believe it or not vegetarians.  In the US at least, people simply don’t eat as many vegetables as they think they do or as they should.

Bret Contreras looks at the science behind cold water immersion.  It’s something that you see in every athletic setting as a recovery method from high school football teams jumping in to trash cans full of ice after practice to Floyd Mayweather sitting in a cryogenic chamber before a big fight on CBS.  But the science shows that these recovery methods can actually inhibit muscle growth & training adaptations.

Tony Gentilcore on the imporance of gym culture and it’s effects on clients.  I think we can all think of an ideal type of gym or work type culture where you step in and it’s a friendly welcoming enviroment where everyone’s goal is improvement.



And lastly in honor of the movie Southpaw and the current mainstream media buzz about boxing, I wrote a boxing circuit for Muscle & Fitness .  It’s a great circuit for all levels of fitness to get that ripped fighter look.

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