This superset is designed to build muscle, add strength, and burn fat. Supersets are beneficial because you maintain a high volume and workload at a fraction of the time of a normal workout. The limited rest ratios and long time under tension elevates your heart rate which shreds fat. 

Muscle hypertrophy can be achieved through 3 main ways: 1)metabolic stress 2) mechanical tension(heavy loads) 3) muscle damage. For this kettle bell superset we will target 2 of the 3 mechanisms in the form of metabolic stress and muscle damage. Metabolic stress is the “pump” sensation you get when lifting in the hypertrophic range. This is a result of consistent muscle contractions preventing oxygen from escaping the veins, cellular swelling from the trapped blood within the area, and a build up of metabolic byproducts like lactate. Muscle damage is achieved from high tension through a full range of motion.

This superset will elicit benefits from 2 hypertrophy mechanisms because of the rep range used and the lift tempo and type used. The superset involves all lifts refereed to in kettlebell circles as grinds. Grinds are slow lifts that incorporate total body tension throughout the movement. Grinds build muscle and increase strength levels by priming your nervous system to produce high amounts of force throughout a big range of motion for an extended period of time.


This circuit can be done with one kettlebell (for beginner lifters) or two(for intermediate and above), for maximal effectiveness chose a weight that you can handle with proper technique throughout the set but not so light that the last few reps of the set aren’t a struggle. Take 2 minute rest intervals in-between sets and work up to 3 sets. Take time to do each rep throughout the full range of motion properly but don’t rest in-between reps or exercises. 

Kettlebell Hypertrophy Superset (3 sets with 2 minutes rest in between)

Overhead Press – 8 reps 

Front Squats – 8 reps 

KB Pushups – 8 reps 

KB Suitcase Dead lifts – 8 reps

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