Here’s a list of intresting things from around the web to read

You Down With GPP? – excellent article by Tony Gentilcore about the benefits of slow steady state cardio.  It’s become fashionable among some “hardcore” fitness writers and enthusiasts to knock aerobic training because it’ll make you “skinny fat” and “lose gains”, among other criticisms.  But simply put, having a well rounded aerobic base is beneficial for general health and sports performance.

Frog Pumps – Bret Contreras gives a step by step on a cool bodyweight exercise that activates the glutes.

5 Common Mistakes Young Strength Coaches Make – Eric Cressy shares some tips on commonly made mistakes

Get Your Body Beach Ready – here’s an article I wrote for the #1 fitness magazine in Canada.  It’s a simple bodyweight routine that targets all the major muscle groups.

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