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Customized Sports Performance Program 

-Customized training programs for athletes seeking to achieve peak performance for sporting events; ideal for getting in peak shape for a competition or try out.  Contact for details at moc.liamg@k2alivakcire

Sports Performance Consultation

  • Individualized training program catered to your athletic (i.e power, speed) and sport specific goal
  • Periodized training blocks so that your body peak coincides with your athletic event
  • Periodized nutrition and supplementation blocks to enhance effectiveness of program
  • Video coaching
  • Unlimited emails regarding training program

Sports Performance Package

Contact for details at [email protected]

Nutrition Consultations(30 Minutes): Online Chat

-Nutrition consultations to help you achieve your goals: dietary assessment, trouble shooting tips for diets, and general nutrition education for long term maintenance.

Initial Nutrition Consultation
  • Review of 3 Day Food Diary
  • Review Of Diet History
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Plan For Individualized Goals
  • Nutritional Information Handouts

Weekly E-Mail Check Ins (charged per month): 1 check-in email per week, for new or old clients, helpful for staying on track with diet , quick answers to basic nutrition questions, ideal for quick nutrition help without a full consultation.

Initial Consultation $80

Follow-Up Nutrition Consultation $40

Weekly Email Check-In  $65 per month

Training Programs

-Sports Specific Training Programs  coming soon