Supplement stores are full of preworkouts that promise to get you going and boost your performance.  A major problem with many preworkout supplements for athletes and regular joes alike is that they contain banned substances that pose adverse health risks.  But that’s no reason to swear off preworkout nutrition that can get your body primed for exercise.  This shake recipe is designed to fuel performance, sustain muscle for extended exercise sessions, and increase the heart rate to get a maximal fat burning effect.

Preworkout beet shake

-1 whole beet

-0.5 cups spinach

-0.5 cups swiss chard

-6 oz coconut juice

-6 oz green tea

-1 scoop whey protein

The beets, spinach, and swiss chard are included in the recipe because of their high nitrate content.  Nitrate can be converted in the body to nitrous oxide (the familiar substance that most preworkouts have).  The performance benefit of this is that it promotes vasodilation which makes it easier for blood (and therefore oxygen) to be transported throughout the body.  More efficient transport of blood means the muscles recieve a steady supply of oxygen faster leading to the ability to preform at a higher level for a more extended period of time.

Coconut juice is beneficial because of the beneficial rehydrating micronutrients that it contains.  The high potassium content is a helpful tool for ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the exercise session.

Green tea is chosen because of it’s caffeine content and fat loss promoting effects.  Caffeine is frequently included in commericial preworkouts as it’s been a proven ergogenic aid that increases heart rate and improves performance.

Whey protein is included to promote muscle synthesis.

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