1) Get Strong: developing physical strength is something everyone is encouraged to do for a better functioning body and a healthier life.  Studies show that individuals that resistance train typically live longer lives.  In addition to that, sarcopenia (muscle loss) is a natural part of aging that humans encounter.  This muscle loss can lead to everything from minor inconveniences to not being able to open jars to more serious ones like increased likelihood of falling (which can be very dangerous as we age).  By strength training, we minimize these risks.

2) Zone 2 Cardio – Get Out and Move: doing any form of cardiovascular exercise whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, etc. can have a profound benefit on our heart health and bodyweight.  While in recent years HIIT training has become all the rage, slow steady-state cardiovascular exercise can provide many long-term benefits as well and it’s easier for people of all age groups to get these types of cardio workouts into their routine.  Some benefits include improved capillary density & venous return(in short a more efficient heart) and improved stamina.
3) Mobility Work: training our bodies to move efficiently across a full range of motion is something crucial for people of all ages.  Because of sedentary lifestyles, weakened muscle groups, and simply ignoring certain movement patterns the range of motion we’re able to move are bodies typically decreases as we age.  By doing mobility work we’re able to maintain or increase the range of motion we can move for a healthier and fully functioning body.  Some common ways to improve mobility include bodyweight training, suspension training, use of odd objects(Indian clubs, maces, etc), stretching, and myofascial treatment (massages, foam rolling, trigger point therapy)
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