How To Use Cluster Sets For Rapid Gains In Power And Strength

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One of the most frustrating periods for a lifter is hitting a plateau.  You could be training diligently but suddenly you hit an invisible wall where the weights don’t budge anymore.  It’s during this time where lifters start seeking new training method or tools to blast out of this rut.  Fortunately there’s a solution, here’s [...]

How To Monitor Your Recovery

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I had originally had this article published on Juggernaut Training Systems a few years ago but I wanted to bring this back since the information is still relevant You’re working out like never before to prep for you next power lift/strongman/CrossFit/whatever event. Your program calls for you to operate at 85% of your 1RM today [...]

Contrast Training – Do Explosive Warm Ups for Greater Strength Gains

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  Contrast Training is a concept where two biomechanically similar movements are paired to enhance the performance of the second exercise of the pairing. The theory behind this training system suggests that the contractile history of a muscle influences subsequent muscle contractions. As a result of high levels of muscle activation in the previous contraction, [...]


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Power is a game changer in combat sports, more so than any other athletic attribute.  One explosive exchange can reverse the perceived outcome of an entire fight.  Julio Cesar Chavez was down on 2 of 3 scorecards to Meldrick Taylor when he unleashed a barrage of power punches in the 12th and final round to [...]


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